Products and Technology
CISRI’s EMS performs an integrated energy regulation, maintain an optimal gas balance, reduce gas emission, improve environment quality, and decrease energy consumption while producing as to increase the production quantity.新金沙平台网站
CISRI’s manufacturing execution system of metallurgical industry supports application development, application integration and system operation under complicated information environment.
In China, CISRI takes the leading position in the research and application of high-power AC variable frequency drive technology of the motor.
With the key technologies of automation in the continuous wide strip hot rolling, CISRI could provide a set of internationally advanced, overall solutions of automation.
CISRI has successfully completed a number of steelmaking automation projects, such as BOF automation systems for Baosteel, TISCO, Benxi Steel, etc, and EAF and LF/RH/VD/VOD automation system for Baosteel, Shagang Group, TISCO, Benxi Steel, etc.
We have much technological know-how in raw material field management system, temperature control modeling for coke oven.